Rules for long distance

The Laponia Triathlon 67°N is sanctioned by the Swedish Triathlon Federation which race rules applies for this race with some restrictions (see below).

Here is a summary of the rules including special rules for Laponia Triathlon:

  1. Athletes must be at least 18 years of age (it is sufficient that that the athlete reaches 18 years during the same year as race day).
  2. At registration, all athletes must present a valid photo ID (passport, driver´s license or similar) and a valid race license from their national triathlon federation. Swedish athletes do not need to show their licenses since we already have this information from the Swedish Triathlon Federation.
  3. Drafting on the bike is not allowed and 12-meter distance applies. The distance is measured from front wheel to front wheel. See illustration in the STF race rules which are the same as in the ITU race rules.
  4. Maximum time to complete the race is 18 hours.
  5. The swim must be completed within 2 hours 15 minutes.
  6. The bike must be completed within 11 hours (total race time).
  7. Wetsuit is mandatory.
  8. Neoprene cap is allowed during the swim but you must wear the race official swim cap visible on top of that.
  9. Gloves are not allowed during the swim.
  10. Neoprene Socks/booties are allowed during the swim.
  11. If the water temperature is below 15°C the distance will be shortened.
  12. Helmet is mandatory during the bike leg.
  13. Disc-wheels are allowed on the bike leg. We will inform about expected wind conditions on the pre-race meeting but it is up to each athlete’s own judgement to decide whether a disc wheel or deep front wheel will be possible to control during the conditions.
  14. Earphones (for music etc.) are not allowed due to safety reasons. We want you to hear traffic and calls from the race officials.
  15. Private aid stations are allowed anywhere along the race.
  16. Pacing is not allowed. You are not allowed to have a supporter for example drive a car, ride a bike or run next to you during the race.
  17. Other outside assistance such as bike mechanics is not allowed other than from the race organization.
  18. Littering is strictly forbidden. This is especially important since the race course passes through national parks.
  19. The race number must not be worn during the swim.
  20. The race number must be visible from the back during the bike segment and from the front during the run.
  21. If given a yellow card, you have to serve a 1 minute penalty at the next penalty box.
  22. If given a blue card, you have to serve a 5 minute penalty at the next penalty box.
  23. If given a red card, you are disqualified.

Medical crew and race marshals appointed by the organizers may at any time during the race stop an athlete from continuing the race due to health issues.

There is a penalty box just outside T2/Finish. That penalty box is used both for penalties during the bike and the run.