Registered athletes Sprint

List of registered athletes for Laponia Triathlon Sprint 2018 (5 women, 8 men, 13 in total)
(only those who´s payments have been received per 2018-03-13 are listed)

Gender First name Last name Place of residence Nationality
Man Micael Andersson Gällivare Sverige
Woman Mariana Edvinsson Uddevalla Finland
Man Christer Hallqvist Boden Sverige
Man Isak Isaksson Uppsala Sverige
Man David Jack Malmberget New Zealand
Woman Anna Kendall Uppsala Sverige
Man Per Landström Gällivare Sverige
Woman Jenny Lidström Boden Sverige
Man Mathias Lyngmark Gällivare Sverige
Woman Mandy Palacio Stockholm USA
Man Magnus Pettersson Nyköping Sverige
Woman Jenny Tallén Örebro Sverige
Man Jimmie Widing Malmberget Sverige