Laponia Triathlon Sprint

An opportunity to challenge yourself, your friends and your colleagues or to try triathlon for the first time.

750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run.

Race date
The 2024 race takes place in Gällivare on Friday July 5, at 16:00.

Late entry, race numbers and timing
No late entry is allowed, only pre-registration. 

Pickup of race numbers and swim-cap is done at the start when checkin in your bike and race gear. It is not possible to pickup the race numbers before check-in. 

We handle race timing manually so athletes will not need any timing chips.

Check-in at the start
Check-in of bike and gear at the starting area is done between 14:30 – 15:30. All athletes must be checked-in before 15:30.

The swim is in lake Vassara with start, finish and transition area at the Sandviken beach.

In the transition area there will be bike racks marked with start numbers. Hang up your bike at the place marked with your race number and place your transition gear (helmet, cycling shoes, running shoes etc.) on the ground below your bike. After the swim you put your wetsuit on the ground below the bike and the same goes for your cycling equipment after the bike segment. After the finish you collect your bike and gear in the transition area.

The maximum time to finish the race is 2 hours 30 minutes.

When you have crossed the finish line you will get refreshments.

There are toilets next to the transition area but no access to showers or changing rooms.

Results list will contain splits for swim, T1, bike, T2, run and total time. Results will be published on this website a few hours after the race but there will be no live race timing published during the actual race.

The race number
The race number must NOT be worn during the swim, but shall be by your bike in the transition zone. During the bike your race number shall be visible from the back and during the run it shall be visible from the front. So you will need a ”race-belt” to attach your race number to. You can then turn the race-belt around making it possible to have the race number visible on the back on the bike and on the front during the run.

The Swim-course
The swim is in lake Vassara, by the Sandviken beach. 

The water temperature varies a lot but is typically between 16-18 °C. Wetsuit is mandatory if the water temperature is colder than 16 °C. The race director will announce if wetsuit is mandatory at least two hours before start. It is mandatory to use the race official swim cap received together with the race number.

The swim is 750 m long and is counterclockwise around yellow triangular buoys. The start is at land and the water is not deep near the beach so you will be able to run quite a bit into the water if you like.

The swim course is safe since you are never far away from land. So if you cramp up or get tired you can easily get to land. There will also be kayaks in the water so just stop and wave your hands and a kayak will help out.

The Bike-course
The 22 km bike course heads along the road to Nattavaara where the turning point is located at 10.6 km. Head back along the same road for the finish. Roads are NOT closed to traffic so pay attention to general traffic rules and be extra careful when making the U-turn at halfway, even though there are volunteers trying to make the traffic slow down and helping athletes making a safe U-turn. There is also a left turn across E45 after 2.5 km where we will have volunteers who will warn and try to slow down traffic from both directions. There is a long clear sight in both directions on E45 and it is the athletes own responsibility to make a safe left turn. The volunteers are not allowed to stop traffic so athletes need to pace their approach to E45 and slot into the traffic if there is any.

Drafting is not allowed so you must hold at least 10 meter distance to the closest cyclist ahead of you.

You must wear a helmet during the bike and more specifically you shall put your helmet on before removing your bike from the bike-rack and keep the helmet on until you have put the bike back on the bike-rack.

The Run-course
The 5 km run is along gravel cycling/walking paths and turns back the same way after 2.5 km.

Transition area

The rules of the Swedish Triathlon Federation applies. The most essential rules are:

  1. Drafting on the bike is not allowed and 10-meter distance applies. The distance is measured from front wheel to front wheel.
  2. Neoprene cap is allowed during the swim but you must wear the race official swim cap visible on top of that.
  3. Gloves are not allowed during the swim.
  4. Socks/booties are allowed during the swim.
  5. The race number must not be worn during the swim.
  6. The race number must be visible from the back during the bike segment and from the front during the run.
  7. Helmet is mandatory during the bike leg.
  8. You are not allowed to ride your bike inside the transition area. You may get on your bike after leaving the transition area and must get off your bike before entering the transition area.
  9. Race marshalls will be present along the course and will hand out penalties in case of rule violations.
  10. If given a blue card, you have to serve a 1 minute penalty at the penalty box. Blue cards are given for violations of the non-drafting rule.
  11. If given a red card, you are disqualified.
  12. The penalty box is located at the transition area and if given a card you must serve the penalty the next time you pass the penalty box.

Awards ceremony will take place in the finishing area. Top-3 for the men and women will be honored and there will be chances to win prizes in a lottery. The lottery will take place during the race and winners will receive their prices directly after finishing.


Photography by Sofie Lantto.