Laponia Triathlon Sprint


An opportunity to challenge yourself, your friends and your colleagues or to try triathlon for the first time.

750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run.

Race day info
The 2018 race takes place in Gällivare on Thursday July 5, at 17:00. The swim is in the river Vassara, some hundred meters upstreams from ”Gällivare camping”. Transition area and finish is on a meadow just next to the swim start.

Check-in of bike and gear at the starting area is done between 15:30 – 16:30. All athletes must have checked-in before 16:30.

The timing is done electronically and you will get your timing chip when checking in at the starting area. Timing chip must be worn during the entire race!

Late entry is done at the race office and must be done before 16:00 on race day. Please note that it is not possible to register for the race down at the starting area, only at the race office!

Pickup of race numbers is done at the race office. It is not possible to pickup the race numbers down at the starting area. Please make sure to pickup the race numbers well ahead of the race (race office is open 12:00-16:00 on Thursday).

In the transition area there will be bike racks marked with start numbers. Hang up your bike at the place marked with your race number and place your transition gear (helmet, cycling shoes, running shoes etc.) on the ground below your bike. After the swim you put your wetsuit on the ground below the bike and the same goes for your cycling equipment after the bike segment. After the finish you collect your bike and gear in the transition area.


Open class men and women (No race license is required).
Minimum age to participate is 16 years (i.e. born year 2002). It is however possible to apply for permission also for younger participants. In that case it is the parents that take the full responsibility. Contact the race director if you want to register a participant younger than 16 years.


Register for the Sprint here!

List of registered athletes.

Race fee: 300 SEK
Maximum number of registrations: 100
Last day to register: 2018-06-28
No refund in case of cancellation.
Late entry on race day: 400 SEK

After registration, payment from Swedish accounts is done to the Gällivare Endurance bankgiro 506-0264 or to Swish 1233219854.

Payment from bank accounts outside Sweden is done to:

IBAN: SE77 8000 0826 4406 3068 6137

When you have crossed the finish line you will get refreshments.

There are toilets in the transition area but no access to showers or changing rooms.

Results list will contain splits for swim, T1, bike, T2, run and total time.
The timing is done electronically and the timing chips must be worn during the entire race.

The rules of the Swedish Triathlon Federation applies. The most essential rules are:

  1. Drafting on the bike is not allowed and 10-meter distance applies. The distance is measured from front wheel to front wheel.
  2. Neoprene cap is allowed during the swim but you must wear the race official swim cap visible on top of that.
  3. Gloves are not allowed during the swim.
  4. Socks/booties are not allowed during the swim.
  5. The race number must not be worn during the swim.
  6. The race number must be visible from the back during the bike segment and from the front during the run.
  7. The timing chip must be worn during the entire race.
  8. Helmet is mandatory during the bike leg.
  9. You are not allowed to ride your bike inside the transition area. You may get on your bike after leaving the transition area and must get off your bike before entering the transition area.
  10. Race marshalls will be present along the course and will hand out penalties in case of rule violations.
  11. If given a blue card, you have to serve a 1 minute penalty at the penalty box. Blue cards are given for violations of the non-drafting rule.
  12. If given a red card, you are disqualified.
  13. The penalty box is located at the transition area and if given a card you must serve the penalty the next time you pass the penalty box.

Awards ceremony will take place at <place to be announced later> on Thursday at 21:00. Top-3 for the men and women will be honored and there will be chances to win prizes in a lottery. To be able to win in the lottery you have to be present at the ceremony to collect the prize.

Tri_Gve_Sprint_160614_077 Tri_Gve_Sprint_160614_180

Tri_Gve_Sprint_160614_351 Tri_Gve_Sprint_160614_375

Photography by Hans Berggren.