Course description

Swim 3860 m

The swim is a three-lap course in lake Vassara which is located near the central parts of Gällivare. Between the three laps there is an Australian exit on the Sandviken beach which is a popular beach for swimming and other sports activities. Water scooters and snowmobiles (yes, also on non-frozen water!) are also quite common on lake Vassara.

The swim start is at midnight but up here above the Arctic circle, the sun is over the horizon all night so there will still be daylight during the entire race. Water temperatures can vary quite a lot but colder than 16 degrees Celsius are uncommon as are temperatures above 20 degrees.

T1 is next to the Sandviken beach, just a few meters away from exiting the water. Your T1-bag with your bike gear will be placed by your bike and before you remove your bike from the bike rack all your swim gear shall be placed in the T1-bag by your place at the bike rack.

The T1-bag will be transported to the finish line by the race crew.


Bike 180 km


The first kilometers of the bike course takes you from T1 at the Sandviken beach out to the E45 main road.

The bike route will take you from Gällivare to Stora Sjöfallet. The first km on the bike will be on a small gravel road taking you over the river Vassara to the ”Other Side” neighbourhood and southwest on the E45 towards Porjus.

After 48 km the E45 passes Porjus and from there the road follows three of the largest hydropower stations in Sweden, dropping about 200 m in altitude down to the turning point at the Ligga dam after 68 km.

After the turning point there is a more or less constant slight uphill all the way back to Porjus. In Porjus there is an aid station which is passed in both directions (48 k and 88 k). Passing the aid station means leaving the main road (E45) for 200 meters. Volunteers will show the way in both directions.

A few km after Porjus the course takes a left turn and from there it is 90 km in northwest direction towards T2 in Stora Sjöfallet.

Apart from the first km the rest of the bike course is on asphalt. The road surface is generally good but on the road towards Stora Sjöfallet there some minor potholes.

The roads are not closed for traffic but since the bike course is ridden during the night, traffic will be very limited. Still, all athletes must follow applicable traffic rules.

The start is located at 400 m above sea level and the bike finish (T2) at 400 m above sea level with a total elevation gain of 1000 meters. There are no steep long hills so no special gearing is needed.


It is quite possible to set a fast bike split but you need a favourable wind from the east and that is not very often the case up there…

Wild life is rich along the course, especially during the second half when riding through the Laponia world heritage. So even though traffic will be very limited you will have to pay attention to reindeers on the road. Bears and moose are also frequent in the area but are rarely seen on the roads.

T2 is located on a parking place in Stora Sjöfallet. The surface in T2 is gravel so you should keep your cycling shoes on until you put on your running shoes. When you enter T2, your T2-bag will already be placed next to your starting number at the bike rack. You leave your bike in the bike rack at your designated starting number, change to your running gear, put all your bike gear back in the T2-bag and leave the T2-bag next to the bike before entering the run course.

Run 42.2 km

The 42.2 km run initially runs in a westerly direction from Stora Sjöfallet towards Ritsem. The course is undulating with a total of about 400 meters elevation. The turning point at 21.1 km is located 100 m above T2 so the second half of the run will be more downhill than uphill.

The road between Ritsem and Stora Sjöfallet runs just nearby the lake and the 2000 meter peak of the mountain Akka so the view is spectacular!

The finish line is outside the Stora Sjöfallet Mountains Center.

View from the run-course:


Maps of transition areas, turning point and Porjus

Start and T1 area in Sandviken.

Overview of T2 and finish area in Stora Sjöfallet.







Detailed view of T2 and finish area in Stora Sjöfallet. 


The bike turning point at Ligga.

The bike aid station in Porjus.